SOA 11g Audit Trail Exporter Tool

This project is a simple audit trail exporter tool, made for Oracle SOA Suite 11g (tested on version It works for both BPEL and BPM based SOA composites.

Edit 03-13-2015: Text reviewed.

The SOA “Dehydration Store” stores all instance info and audit trail on some SOAINFRA tables (like AUDIT_TRAIL, AUDIT_DETAILS, XML_DOCUMENT and so on). If you have read privileges to these tables, you can do the export directly from database, as I show in this article: Export Audit Trail from Database SOA 10g and 11g

However, if you don’t have direct access to database or want a simple and controlled way to get the audit information for a specific set of instances, you can do the export using the tool presented here.

In a production environment, as the number of instances increases, the Enterprise Manager interface stuck many times, and can be very slow to access composite instance audit trail. Furthermore, is impossible to find a single instance based on some request payload info.

To get programmatic access to SOA audit information and do much more cool things, Oracle provides the Oracle SOA Suite Infrastructure Management Java API:

This project embeds this API, and provides a command-line interface to export instances audit trail, which can be filtered by a date range or the proper instance id. The result is the full audit trail, in form of human readable XML, for every single auditable component of the instances that matches the search filters. Then you can use system tools like “grep” to find a specific instance based on payload content, and see its full execution audit trail.

You can download the SOA Audit Exporter Tool on the link below:

Usage example:

Full Export:

  java -jar SOAAuditTrailExporter.jar -host= -port=8000 -username=weblogic -password=welcome01 -outBaseFolder=/temp/SOAAuditTrailExporter -compositePartition=default -compositeName=MySOAComposite -compositeRevision=1.0

Export By Date:

  java -jar SOAAuditTrailExporter.jar -host= -port=8000 -username=weblogic -password=welcome01 -outBaseFolder=/temp/SOAAuditTrailExporter -compositePartition=default -compositeName=MySOAComposite -compositeRevision=1.0 -minCreationDate=07/01/2013 -maxCreationDate=07/03/2013

Export By Instance ID:

  java -jar SOAAuditTrailExporter.jar -host= -port=8000 -username=weblogic -password=welcome01 -outBaseFolder=/temp/SOAAuditTrailExporter -compositePartition=default -compositeName=MySOAComposite -compositeRevision=1.0 -instanceId=20158


5 thoughts on “SOA 11g Audit Trail Exporter Tool

  1. Artem 08/21/2015 / 8:51 AM

    cool article!! could you repost its not availible now

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